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Believe in new possibilities.

Equal access to useful financial products and services is an idea that is far- fetched for most people around the world. However, the advent of cryptocurrencies such as stablecoins along with *Crypto finance has made a fundamental shift in the way money is stored, moved and invested globally.

By leveraging crypto finance, now anyone with an internet connection can take part in the global financial markets, irrespective of where they live or their socio-economic circumstances.

* Crypto Finance includes investing in both decentralised protocols & centralised finance applications.If you would like to know more about how they work & yields are generated, please refer to our FAQs section.

What is geminio?

In simple terms, geminio is an administration service for your Crypto finance investments. Geminio enables you to convert your fiat currencies to asset backed cryptocurrencies such as stablecoins. You will then be able to invest them in crypto finance platforms Aave, Maple, Gemini, and Crypto.com, all from within the one platform.

Our Mission
“ To provide exposure to crypto finance
without complexity ”
Meet the Founders
P.D Silva - CEO
Jerome Anthony - CTO